Chief Public Health Office

The Chief Public Health Office (CPHO) is a division within the Government of Prince Edward Island’s Department of Health and Wellness. The CPHO promotes and protects the health of PEI residents and prevents disease and injury through the three pillars of public health: promotion, protection, and prevention.

Public Health's aim is to keep people healthy and prevent injury, illness and premature death.  It does this through a combination of programs, services and policies designed to address the universal health needs of individuals within populations and achieve health benefits for populations as a whole.  Public heath is part of the health system but it is broader than 'medicine' and 'health care' because it focuses on populations and prevention rather than on individuals and treatment.

There are four units in the CPHO working to advance it's vision of  Health for All Islanders.  These work units include: Health Promotion, Population Health Assessment and Surveillance, Communicable Disease Control, and Environmental Health.

In fulfilling its mandate, the CPHO strives to embody these values:

  • Excellence. The CPHO contributes to effective and efficient public health services with a commitment to continuous quality improvement.
  • Equity. The CPHO pursues approached that enable all PEI residents to be healthy.
  • Evidence-informed. The CPHO applies evidence to inform public health practice.
  • Collaboration. The CPHO values partnerships, community engagement, and public trust.
  • Stewardship. The CPHO makes decisions responsibly, acts with integrity, and is accountable.