What We Do

The primary goal and purpose of the Health Promotion Unit is to reduce the burden of chronic disease in PEI by focusing on four modifiable risk factors - unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use and harmful use of alcohol.  Evidence shows that a large portion of chronic diseases can be prevented or delayed through efforts in these areas.  Since physical health is strongly linked with mental health, mental health promotion is another pillar of our work.

The Health Promotion Unit also works on the social determinants of health.  These are the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental conditions which influence a person's opportunity to be healthy, their risk of illness, health behaviours and healthy life expectancy.  Health Promotion also addresses health inequities that result from the uneven distribution of these social determinants.  The approach used to address these conditions and the risk factors impacting chronic disease, is the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion.  It identifies population-level actions and strategies used to address public health problems. 

Live Well PEI is the official voice of the Health Promotion Unit, PEI Chief Public Health Office (CPHO).  Through this website and social media channels it aims to provide research and evidence, share information and resources, and engage community in conversation and action to empower individuals and improve the conditions and risk factors that impact health.