"Take a Breath" Campaign

The Chief Public Health Office launched the "Take a Breath" campaign in November 2023: a provincial campaign focused on smoking and vaping prevention and cessation. 

The "Take a Breath" campaign aims to:

  • raise awareness about the harms associated with vaping and smoking; 
  • education the public about the programs and supports available through the Smoking Cessation Program; and 
  • encourage Island residents to live a tobacco and vape free life. 

Tobacco use remains the number one preventable cause of illness and early death in Prince Edward Island. By working together, we can reduce smoking and vaping in PEI and support Island residents to live tobacco and nicotine free. 

Please contact us if your organization wishes to receive printed copies of the campaign materials. 

Resource: "Take a Breath" campaign posters

The following posters can be downloaded and used in your organization, workplace, public settings, etc. to increase awareness and education. If your organization wishes to receive printed copies of the materials, please contact us.

Take a Breath - downloadable poster 1

Take a Breath - downloadable poster 2

Resources: "Take a Breath" campaign social media graphics

The following graphics can be downloaded and shared on your social media channels. Be sure to tag us @LiveWellPEI!

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Being a Role Model' graphic - Young people look up to you and count on you for advice. Inspire them to live a smoke-free life. It's not just about the game, match, or race…  It's about making a lasting impact.

 Take a Breath -downloadable 'Financial Toll' graphic - Smoking a pack a day adds up to about $450 a month...that's over $5000 a year! Imagine all the things you could spend your money on instead of cigarettes and consider, is smoking worth the cost?

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Fitting in/Independence' graphic - Growing up comes with a lot of decisions to make: What to study? Where to live? Who to hang out with? And… whether to smoke or vape. Choosing to live smoke- and vape-free is a conscious decision you can make for a healthier life. The decisions you make today will impact your future. 

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Enviornmental Impact' graphic - The environmental impact of vaping is real. Many vape products, especially disposables, contribute to the growing problem of electronic waste. Most devices contain lithium-ion batteries and other components that can cause fires and contaminate the environment. By making informed decisions and saying no to vaping, you can contribute to a healthier planet.

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Physical Health' graphic - 20 minutes after quitting, your blood pressure and heart rate return to normal. 8 hours after quitting, you can breathe easier. Your oxygen levels return to normal, and your chance of having a heart attack goes down. After 24 hours, your lungs start to clear (coughing is a good sign). After 48 hours, you are nicotine-free. Your sense of taste and smell begins to return.

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Achieving potential' graphic - Every smoke-free breath is a step toward a healthier future. Say no to smoking and vaping and embrace the energy and focus that comes with a smoke-free lifestyle. Your dreams deserve a clear path! ​

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Addictions and Willpower' graphic - Quitting or reducing how much you smoke or vape may not be easy, but every smoke-free day is a step towards a healthier life. You have the power to change your habit.  Celebrate today by enrolling in the PEI Smoking Cessation Program.   You can do this!

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Consider...what's in a vape' graphic - Did you know that an e-cigarette (vape) contains many different chemicals – some are known to be harmful to breathe in, while the effects of others are not yet known.  Vapes can contain the same harmful chemicals found in cleaning products, nail polish remover, weed killer, and bug spray. Say no to vaping!

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Invest in your family and future' graphic - Smoking takes a toll on your health and your wallet. Committing to a smoke-free life means extra cash in your pocket. Support is available to help you quit through the PEI Smoking Cessation Program. 

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Morality and Loved Ones' graphic - Quitting smoking or vaping isn't just about what you’re doing now–it's about making choices that impact your future and your loved ones. You’ve got lots to live for; don’t miss out on all of the magical moment’s life has waiting for you!

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Role Models' graphic - We all have the power to impact those around us and inspire change.  By talking to young people about the harms of smoking and vaping you are letting them know you care! Encourage them to make healthy choices by being a role-model and provide support if they want to quit smoking or vaping.

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Stress-Relief' graphic - We get it; life can be stressful.  We all have different ways to cope, but smoking or vaping can make you more anxious and stressed. Next time you're feeling overwhelmed, take a walk outdoors, listen to music, or call and chat with a friend.  If you’re ready to quit smoking or vaping, enroll in the PEI Smoking Cessation Program and find healthier ways to cope.

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Addiction' graphic - Your potential is BIG! It shouldn’t be limited by addiction. Take back control, Give up smoking and vaping. It’s your ticket to a life without boundaries.

Take a Breath - downloadable 'Break the Cycle' graphic - Just because your friends smoke or vape doesn’t mean you have to. You make the decisions and are in control of your own life. Take a different path and choose a healthier, smoke-free and vape-free life. 

Resource: "Take a Breath" campaign videos

Adult Vaping and Prevention: Adult Vaping and Prevention video

Youth Vaping and Prevention: Youth Vaping and Prevention video